Friday, February 4, 2011

Super Football Trianagrams

The Superbowl is around the corner and it is time for all puzzlers to get their game faces on on see if they really know footballs  by competing in Super Football Trianagrams.

The puzzler has to fill in the three words in each sentence or phrase that are anagrams to each other. For example, if the clue read “On some  football  ___  players let off ____ by playing practical jokes on their  ____,"  you would have to fill in the words “teams,” “steam” and “mates.” As an added help to solve these football Trianagrams, I will tell you that the missing words get longer as the puzzle progresses. Good luck and may the cheeseheads prevail!

1)______ a teammate of ____ Longwell hadn't heard the ____ about his kicking a 54 yard field goal.

2)Wide receiver ____ Bennett thought the portrayal of King ______ didn't feel ____.

3)Placekicker Jason ____ felt that every ____ athlete should have a large ____ before a game.

4)    RB  _____ Washington  is not the ____  football player who   likes Letterman but doesn't have much use for ____.

5)QB Tony _____   was the only player in the locker  ______   who knew that Othello was a  ____.

6)The Buffalo hockey player exposed the gambling scheme of the Chicago football players. The headline read “ _____     _____       _____.”

7)One ____ that when he played at Georgia cornerback _____ Allen made his ____ of interceptions.

8)Tight end Chris ____ tried to _____ when knocked out of bounds so that he wouldn't bowl over his coach and ____ his leg.

9)Weighing 210 lbs. former running back _____ Holmes was hardly a ____ but he ran _____ with great _____.

10)Center ____ Sander's ___ that he hadn't held fell on deaf ears and his team was ____ with a 15 yard penalty.

11)As you'd expect wide receiver Miles ____ had heard about former QB Johnny _____ but he had never heard of diver Dmitri ____.

12)While in the huddle, QB _____   Walter  ____   the rookies not to ever let  their minds  ____.

13)At the sports celebrity dinner QB Richard  ____   met baseballers  _____   Pujols and Pat ____.

14)The _______ of Sports Illustrated reported that the _______   linebacker  had used an illegal _______.

15)Terrell Owens ______ to be _______ , if he was booed he would be cast into deep _______.

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