Saturday, February 12, 2011

movie trianagrams-Natl Post

(The following appeared in the Natl Post on Feb 11th)

Misery loves company--and puzzles

Every Friday until the Oscar weekend of Feb. 27, we give you four movie-related sentences with three missing words. Puzzlers must fill in the blanks with words that are anagrams of each other. An example: "In his movie Jailhouse Rock _____ _____ the life of a ____- clad rock star." The missing words here would be "Elvis," "lives" and "Levis." Each week, the missing words will become longer as the puzzles become more difficult. Good luck!

1. In the movie Misery, Kathy _____ plays the role of a ____ __ of a woman who ______ a bedridden author.

2. After ____ bought her a horse, Sophia said, "What's the _____ , Carlo? We have no place to keep the _____."

3. In The King's Speech, Lionel Logue teaches the future King George VI how to cope with the ___ of cameras while talking to a ___ crowd and still maintaining a _____ mien.

4. In Fort Apache the Bronx, Ed ____ plays a cop that, while ___ than many of his wacky colleagues, nonetheless falls into the ___ of bogus arrests in order to catch a cop killer.

Answers to today's puzzles will appear in next week's Post Movies.
Answers to last week's puzzles:
1. Gore, ogre, ergo
2. Stone, onset, notes
3. Saint, stain, satin
4. Verne, never, nerve
Howard Richler, National Post

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