Saturday, February 5, 2011

National Post Movie Trianagrams

These quizzes appeared in the Natl Post On Jan 28th and Feb 4th. More will appear in the Natl Post every Friday until the Oscars.

Introducing a new puzzle feature to Post Movies: Howard Richler's Movie Trianagrams. Every Friday until the Oscar weekend of Feb. 27, we'll give you a series of movie-related sentences with three missing words. Players must fill in the blanks with words that are anagrams of each other. An example: "In his movie Jailhouse Rock _____ _____ the life of a ____-clad rock star." The missing words here would be "Elvis," "lives" and "Levis." Each week, the missing words will become longer as the puzzles become more difficult. Good luck!
1. ____ didn't think it was a big ____ that she shared the ____ with Roy and Trigger in Bells of San Angelo.

2. Neither Patricia _____ nor Nathan _____ ever starred in a movie directed by David _____.

3. Producer of Fried Green Tomatoes Norman ____ didn't realize that the tea guy Grey was a _____ ______.

4. Even though there was nary a ____ on the scrubbed _____, Cinderella's evil step-sisters would not ____ scolding her.
- Answers to today's puzzles will appear in next week's Post Movies.

 5)In An Inconvenient Truth, Al ____ lambastes many an environmental

____ who denies global warming and ____ is endangering the planet.


 6)Like other directors, Oliver _____ at the _____ of a scene takes _____

as to the position of cameras.
7) When she accepted an award for her role in On The Waterfront, Eva

Marie ____ got a _____ on her _____ dress.

8)Unlike Fogg in Around the World in Eighty Days, (based on the book by

Jules ____) I have ____ had the ___ to travel in a hot air balloon.

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