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movie trianagrams

Here's the whole list of movie trianagrams that ran in the National Post between Feb 4th and Feb 28th. Due to a mix-up, some editions of Feb 28th were missing the puzzle. They are included here as well as two bonus clues.


I have called this puzzle Trianangrams because it featured three words or names that that are anagrams of each other like “aspire,” “praise” and “Persia.” In this particular puzzle called Movie Trianagrams you must fill in the blanks for the missing words in the sentences, all that have movie themes. For example if the clue read

In his movie Jailhouse Rock _____ ______ the life of a _____-clad rock


The missing words would be “Elvis””, “lives” and “Levis.” As an added

clue, you will find that the missing words become longer as the puzzle

progresses. In one case you are asked to fill in four blanks. Good luck.

1) ____ didn't think it was a big ____ that she shared the ____ with Roy

and Trigger in Bells of San Angelo.

2)Like Napoleon, actor Christopher ___ was ___ to see ____ but he never

made it to Corsica.

3) Producer of Fried Green Tomatoes Norman _____ didnt realize that the tea guy Grey was a ______ ______.

4)Even though there was nary a ____ on the scrubbed _____, Cinderella`s

evil step-sisters would not ____ scolding her.
5)Neither Patricia _____ nor Nathan ____ ever starred in a movie

directed by David _____.

6)In An Inconvenient Truth, Al ____ lambastes many an environmental

____ who denies global warming and ____ is endangering the planet.

7)Like other directors, Oliver _____ at the _____ of a scene takes _____

as to the position of cameras.
8) When she accepted an award for her role in On The Waterfront, Eva Marie ____ got a _____ on her _____ dress.

9)Unlike Fogg in Around the World in Eighty Days, (based on the book by Jules ____) I have ____ had the ___ to travel in a hot air balloon.

10)In the movie Misery, Kathy _____ plays the role of a ______ of a

woman who ______ a bedridden author.
11)After ____ bought her a horse, Sophia said, “What's the _____ , Carlo? We have no place to keep the _____.”

12)In The King's Speech Lionel Logue teaches the future King George VI how to cope with the ___ of cameras while talking to a ___ crowd and still maintaining a _____ mien.

13)In Fort Apache The Bronx, Ed ____ plays a cop that while ___ than many of his wacky colleagues, he falls into the ___ of bogus arrests in order to catch a cop killer.

14)In Music Box Jessica ____ plays a lawyer defending her father who is

accused of being a Nazi sympathizer. Eventually she is able to ___ than he

is no _____.

15) Bernadette _______ and Meryl _______ met at a _______ time to avoid fans likely to ______ them.

16) Tom had a tendency to _____ his words so I thought he said _____ as

in “Betty” where in fact he  said _____ as in “Hedda.”

17)_____ Boris Dvornik and Goran Visnjic are two ____ who were disappointed that they didn't meet ____ while filming in Havana.

18) In Waitress, Jenna (Keri Russell) is the ____ server in the restaurant

but she didn`t seem very _____ the day she forgot to clear the _______.
19)The _______ critic thought that the screen version of The _____

Cometh was rather ____ and lacked the passion found in the play.
20)We see the ______ side of Jodie _____ in Panic Room where she costars with _____ Whitaker.

21)In Interview with the Vampire, Lous de Pointe du Lac (Pitt) _____ Daniel Malloy (Chrisian _____) how he _____ his life at 24 and becomes a vampire.

22)Someone should have _____ Eduardo (_____ Garfield) in The Social Network that it was inevitable that he and Mark would ______ apart.

23)In Robin Hood, Robin (Crowe) _____ Marion (Blanchett) from her would-be ____ and thus    ______ her innocence.

24)Magnate and producer W.R. ______ had broken many _____ and

although he had many admirers in Hollywood he also had many _____.

25)Adam ______ claimed it was _____ to say he preferred Abby Van Buren over Ann _____.

26)Marilyn Monroe ______ to be _______ , if she was booed he would be

cast into deep _______.
27)In Remains of the Day, James Stevens (Anthony Hopkins) remarks that

he dislikes the ______ of many _______ and prefers a ____ and more low

key approach to life.

28)In Sound of Music, Maria ( Julie ______ ) a governess _____ into the life of Van Trapp and his seven children. As Capt. Van Trapp is a strict disciplanarian one day Maria says, “Captain loosen up, we are not their _____.”

Bonus Trianagrams
The Canadian fan base of the movie Clear & Present _____      _______ from Victoria, B.C. to         _____ , Nfld.

In a gripping scene in Incendies the misanthropic _____ Abou Tarek has just _____ the party line. He is devoid of humanity never having felt love or tasted a ______.

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