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WORD PUZZLES-3101-3200


3101-Convergent     gold-gear-comb   bone-cap-fracture     velvet-fight-close

3102-Commonality         use-carol-sins     

3103-Words in a Word          most appropriate privilege                            (r)       9

3104-Convergent     borne-brooms-off     sea-lonesome-plunge       march-sea-times   

3105-Anagram     attributes a bad action force    

3106-Split Definitive- hand over sweet fortified wine  (p)   (8)

3107-Convergent     roe-mule-skin         evade-wood-down       con-tail-led

3108-Commonality   barter-defer-offing

3109-Words in a Word                  donkey spies                                                (m)    8

3110-Convergent    blood-rubbing-wood      he-master-ski      dark-belly-money

3111-Commonality   loon-rage-shoo       

3112-Split Definitive   connection, dog, can    (i)    (9)

3113-Convergent    packer-support-cash      white-blower-tin      backbone-compressed-less   

3114-Anagram     believe something to be true above all others    

3115-Words in a Word                   rogue circumstance                                            (c)   7

3116-Convergent     blind-eon-out    brain-bag-circus    blue-pose-operator

3117-Anagram  Teutonic trough  

3118-Split Definitive records endeavors  (t)   (10)

3119-Convergent     beer-pin-hair    white-cinch-rust      lacy-less-id

3120-Anagram    savage sudden blaze of light   

3121-Words in a Word               equip man with weapons                                          (g)   7

3122-Convergent    maker-paint-bone   green-cobbler-big   eating-eyed-man

3123-Commonality   old-lack-land-rash-right   

3124- Split Definitive little child friend   (t)   (7)

3125-Convergent     stick-leaf-borne    pose-pole-call     mountain-tape-western

3126-Commonality   double-mule-pole

3127-Words in a Word               get rid of debtor                                              (o)    8

3128-Convergent     seed-mustang-nuts     seed-yellow-gas      ice-milk-shell

3129-Anagram    Protection of valued resources discussion 

3130-Split Definitive     restrain company   (r)   (15)

3131-Convergent    monkey-ground-case      crisp-bin-monkey     standing-park-line

3132-Anagram    Ship officer’s extra pay

3133-Words in a Word            storage spaces get older                                     (a)   11

3134-Convergent   sour-faced-rye    vine-gallery-stand        vacillate-maker-Belgian

3135-Anagram    salt tribe

3136-Split Definitive person who devises LSAT exam

3137-Convergent     home-diamond-cover   turkey-tie-cloth     tap-tar-pad

3138-Anagram    Arenaceous room where analysis occurs 

3139-Words in a Word               quoted at one time                           (c)     9

3140-Convergent   bean-punch-stone   hook-hold-open     club-path-crow

3141-Commonality   bang-peer-ring

3142-Split Definitive in favour of seeing something in a trance  (p)    (9)

3143-Convergent   call-on-finger     away- lock-air      dear-crisp-bunch

3144-Commonality   served-proving-mote-cent-gal   

3145-Words in a Word              stove jargon                                                       (c)    8

3146-Convergent      wood-striped-ale     bear-bill-bed     coat-farrm-oil

3147-Anagram     aromatic plant substances of the Zodiac  

3148-Split Definitive   strap for controlling horse released emotions     (v

3149-Convergent   screw-nail-print   top-victory-wing     ally-armor-ate

3150-Anagram     assists brutal person    

3151-Words in a Word            suggest lassoer                                                (i)     10

3152-Convergent  spring-sweet-Swiss    bird-quick-juice     root-garden-stock

3153-Anagram    Asian President spoke  

3154-Split Definitive    in favor of Mussolini

3155-Convergent   boy-bottle-paper     naked-oaf-imitate    halt-irate-ire  

3156-Anagram      military trainee pretended 

3157-Words in a Word              delay more disgusting                                                (l)   8

3158-Convergent    freeze-left-lizard    red-ups-nut   rimmed-shoe-air

3159-Commonality       grape-west-wish    

3160-Split Definitive back mountain chain    (r)  (9)

3161-Convergent    Yankee-field-string    floss-bar-man     tap-can-rye

3162-Commonality   mice-pate-pity

3163-Words in a Word                vomit undercover operation                            (r)     10          

3164-Convergent   agent-audacity-impulse    roll-fondle-line      snub-brown-pig

3165-Anagram    suppress witches   

3166-Split Definitive   concept tabulation     (l)     (8)   

3167-Convergent       baby-bean-doughnut     racket-lemon-acorn   unused-pepper-condition

3168-Anagram     malevolent face covering 

3169-Words in a Word          encircle tube to open blocked passageway       (r)    0

3170-Convergent      drop-wood-dropping   tail-desert-squirrel   apple-late-oil  

3171-Commonality  team-reap-horse

3172- Split Definitive      prisoner line of ancestry  (s)   (9)

3173-Convergent   whole-work-young   piercing ring-shield   south-nee-print

3174-Commonality   pate-pity-mice

3175-Words in a Word              say sharp pain                                                (s)    10         

3176-Convergent   clock-crazy-bird   skin-spirit-spray    fire-flu-frigate

3177-Anagram  messy benign body growths    

3178-Split Definitive       (o)    (11)   

3179-Convergent   safety-steel-tin   adult-bonnet-boy     balloon-out-patterns

3180-Anagram  speckled horse found in North Africa

3181-Words in a Word          vomit undercover operation (r)  10  

3182-Convergent   black-beret- bush      thermometer-sweet-dog    tiger-boat-butterfly

3183-Anagram  change what you eat  

3184-Split Definitive   overdue account       (o)     (9) 

3185-Convergent   catcher-no-weight       mountain-tape-western     bin-winner-black     

3186-Commonality  Convergent  cured-reads-lop

3187-Words in a Word          hooter implored     (o)   9

3188-Convergent  stick-gold-lady       doctor-shade-my    knocker-board-cap

3189-Commonality shower-test-scion 

3190- Split Definitive   gamble glimmer      (r)   (6)   

3191-Convergent  stick-gold-lady      doctor-shade-my  knocker-board-cap

3192-Commonality land-bed-begged   

3193-Words in a Word              piece of carpet statement of beliefs                 (m)    8

3194-Convergent   rice-black-stick   oxygen-death-ball     bowler-ass-rain

3195-Commonality ball-cling-shed 

3196-Split Definitive    prisoner category   (s)   (7)

3197-Convergent  seed-sheet-short   seed-nuts-concord    roast-relish-row

3198-Commonality           mint-render-sped   

3199-Words in a Word       blemish item                                                   (w)  9

3200-Convergent  root-rush-relative   sleepy-snake-soft    open-broken-warmer






Tuesday, August 11, 2020


 WORD PUZZLES-3001-3100


3001-Words in a Word         consume going in         (e)    8

3002-Discern        odd-orange-avoid     grease-around-green    brood-flying-night

3003-Commonality     oboe- pries -sole   

3004-Split Definitive     prisoner diplomacy     (7)   (t)

3005-Discern   dust-pocket-bomber            face-death-iron   blue-ripped-pleated

3006-Anagram    Bring posse together again  

3007-Words in a Word         for each yen                                                 (i)    7

3008-Discern    were-willow-she       goose-glance-Newfoundland    ice-ladder-go

3009-Anagram Distinguish burnt wood    

3010-Split Definitive     commercial job demanding special commitment   (v)   (10)

3011-Discern    ice-war-cold   breaker-gossip-lock     rag-button-pig

3012-Anagram    Rigid spats    

3013-Words in a Word             winged sea bird    (t)    9

3014-Discern      as-bit-sex  deer-driver-drug       food-amount-fat

3015-Commonality   boon    cock    moles 

3016-Split Definitive     audacity bug  (a)  (7)  

3017-Discern     roll-food-index  bed-section-butt   church-inner-university

3018-Commonality    mist-wane-overt           

3019-Words in a Word               slim sailor                                                        (t)      9

3020-Discern coo-draw-dye       dust-candy-I    bicycle-tin-safety

3021-Anagram     More ordinary chocolate candy 

3022-Split Definitive     everybody in the red   (o)   (8) 

3023-Discern      shop-wet-fool   wife-monk-ladder    mix-apple-flatten

3024-Anagram    Moral standards irritate the skin 

3025-Words in a Word                    pester upkeep                                               (n)    7

3026-Discern      ball-wine-brown  butter-cupcake-not-sugar     blackberry-blockage-ice

3027-Anagram     Anglo-Saxon wall or roof tile          

3028-Split Definitive                               listen to inclining   (h)  (12)                                                









3029-Discern      Irish-red-Brahman  play-police-power    fish-bull-man

3030-Commonality     repose-minus-regent 

3031-Words in a Word                by way of shallow depression                         (v)    7

3032-Discern      golden-snake-state     bus-dog-racing     blue-Canada-grumble

3033-Anagram    slim  financiers 

3034-Split Definitive     exist weapon  (b)    (5)  

3035-Discern     reap-drop-brandy   arm-girl-cane   butter-candied-pie 

3036-Commonality   mine-indented-mercy

3037-Words in a Word              traitor essence                                                   (r)       8

3038-Discern      leg-racing-corn   velvet-earth-woolly        elephant-tree-old  

3039-Anagram   Fate of relative mass  

3040-Split Definitive     person seeing   (d)   (9)   

3041-Discern    tap-big-drag      gazing-lint-orange    lace-red-cloth

3042-Anagram    Family with many uses    

3043-Words in a Word              beat miss          (b)   8

3044-Discern    pile-devil-mad          bark-juice-dung          boo-brain-butcher               

3045-Anagram        avid consent 

3046-Split Definitive     star drained of water    (s)   (6)  

3047-Discern      milk-cap-wine   son-rot-sing      star-in-fly

3048-Anagram    Quiet cheerful pieces of music

3049-Words in a Word               stroke with a whip air trip                                     (l)    10

3050-Discern    mail-sea-garden    terrier-dirty-her       sear-woman-ring

3051-Anagram     aid state that doesn’t change

3052-Split Definitive       trim in advance     (p)    (7)

3053-Discern      diving-ball-oxygen   polo-schvitzer-vest      bolo-bow-black

3054-Commonality    shitty-detective-interior  

3055-Words in a Word           ire prong                                                              (t)     9

3056-Discern     may-no-off    board-led-thorn   hatch-prize-trap     

3057-Anagram    Lowest point of a particular currency   

3058-Split Definitive     glib seabird   (t)   (7)

3059-Discern      pillow-pink-ping   slip-bed-ball    face-head-scoff

3060-Anagram    rascals grumble  

3061-Words in a Word            eats sailors          (d)    9   

3062-Discern     ink-buffalo-goose     chai-skinny-vanilla    moon-bun-badger

3063-Anagram   largest African city objective    Lagos goals

3064-Split Definitive   directed by the front portion of a ship  (l)  (7)

3065-Discern     strong-yourself-body     atoll-wax-top       maker-school-shirt

3066-Commonality     Labor-lucid-man-vapor   

3067-Words in a Word        rip Guevera      (t)   7

3068-Discern     fog-cramp-hare       ache-flat-tuck       band-buckle-coat

3069-Palindrome    Lawyer’s Latin motto      Si nummi immunis     

3070-Split Definitive    previous location   (e)   (10)

3071-Discern     almond-tenders-supreme    blue-whiz-hard    roast-west-emoter

3072-Palindrome   breaks bridges 

3073-Words in a Word                 mistake row   (t)     7

3074-Discern     horn-over-way    cell-long-oil      covering-scar-cliff

3075-Palindrome      laconic snares  

3076-Split Definitive       convened, exist, side    (f)   (12)

3077-Discern     red-under-black     party-medicine-red    ad-age-coat

3078-Palindrome   Holy grail of professional hockey   

3079-Words in a Word            dull quarrel                                                       (b)     9

3080-Discern        Jim-Indian-ding     tongue-wars-stocks       whip-ear-computer

3081-Palindrome   free Indian guitar   

3082-Split Definitive    enjoyable hit     (d)   (7)

3083-Discern     wet-house-het      rain-rare-rail      hut-cocktail-trap

3084-Palindrome   simple French mineral water   na├»ve Evian

3085-Words in a Word                     evil celebrity                                                  (s)     7

3086-Discern     bane-mixed-snow     jacket-shrub-snap     mill-dish-craft

3087-Palindrome   very delicious in Spanglish               

3088-Split Definitive    in favour of melody   (f)   (7)   

3089-Discern      wine-apple-plum     Asia-led-reap      gut-operator-sucker

3090-Commonality   heated-obey-vary     

3091-Words in a Word     change period with limits     (t)   9       

3092-Discern     take-slash-laid    open-drag-big         bad-big-cotton

3093-Commonality       more-relation-arable 

3094-Split Definitive    French female ruffian     (g)    (6)

3095-Discern       musk-ides-pecker   food-hub-lawn        scout-it-reporter

3096-Commonality     setter-needy-lever  

3097-Words in a Word         actual cigarette end                                     (b)  8

3098-Discern         oil-green-pit    lean-pie-dead    grey-guitar-sea   

3099-Commonality     grape-hyped-rouged 

3100-Split Definitive    trip section friend   (l)   (7)