Sunday, June 21, 2020

FB PUZZLES- 2901-3000

2901-Commonality       whining-irate-grand
2902-Split Definitive-getting you to buy something you don’t necessarily want or need   (m)   (9)
2903-Discern     snow-field-belt         wise-barrel-nut     ice-milk-shell
2904-Commonality       carpaccio-nacho-loganberry 
2905-Words in a Word               naked feline                                                 (b)      7
2906- Discern    potato-book-leather     shell-sailor-ability    out-jean-length
2907-Anagram     Ideal student helping with discipline 
2908-Split Definitive ripped bother   (a)  (7)
2909-Discern    shells-salad-maker   roll-party-blood   dog-powder-oil
2910-Commonality     minus-bring-tangle  
2911-Words in a Word                  control knob   sight                                           (v )    10
2912-Discern     catcher-damsel-Spanish   lung-cut-hole    oar-lady-sauce
2913-Anagram    Theater area points of access     
2914-Split Definitive           pro-life?      (a)     (8)
2915-Discern     gaiter-line-bottle    drop-nest-shot        biter-bracelet-deep
2916-Commonality      docile-voted-flesh 
2917-Words in a Word                       consuming person                                           (m)     9
2918-Discern    surgical-tea-wedding             strong-tack-bow               toe-size-stone
2919-Commonality       levies-trace-diced   
2920-Split Definitive   sham poetry   (8)    (v)
2921-Discern     corner-country-court        ail-bad-grab        silver-nickel-diamond
2922-Commonality     llama-chickadee-eel   
2923-Words in a Word               tease simple melody     (t)   7  
2924-Discern        kick-captain-court     session-ion-frog        frui-on-att
2925-Anagram      most unsophisticated indigenous inhabitants  
2926-Split Definitive   devil of a lassoer   (r)  
2927-Discern   drop-head-nest     wedge-dud-bitter     sting-dry-mar
2928-Anagram     Handed over cards or digging tools 
2929 Words in a Word                        task plus                                                        (c)    8
2930-Discern      hole-ion-mall   sea-secretary-shore    silver-tail-desert
2931-Commonality    ill-out-utter    
2932- Split Definitive veterans each   (p)   (7)
2933- Discern    cinnamon-cave-pit        trap-keg-pit               iron-sea-quarter
2934-Commonality       debug-real-roue     
2935- Words in a Word                   copying opinion                                           (p)    10
2936-Discern       lug-hard-case     bush-dead-loaf  honey-ion-king
2937-Commonality        pier-pique-per 
2938-Split Definitive     in favour of condition   (s)   (8)      
2939-Discern       up-nights-off    love-flu-bed   corner-hawk-pot
2940-Commonality     wheels-bread-suit                      
2941-Words in a Word     make holy ineffective                                        (l)     9
2942-Discern      leather-saddle-gum   cinch-conveyor-borscht     bomber-mess-donkey
2943-Anagram    clone policy 
2944-Split Definitive      balance speech          (r)   (11)
2945-Discern   war-water-way    shut-sock-sore     by-flap-app

2946-Palindrome      Only marathon runner with palindromic name to win a major marathon  
2947-Words in a Word                      nobleman beaten with serve                        (c)    9
2948-Discern    loop-tip-steel    bone-cap-fracture-numb     ache-acid-endure
2949-Palindrome   A palindrome to describe a particular Slav living in Brittany  
2950-Split Definitive    entomb countenance    (i)   (9)
2951-Discern   whole-weed-wild     stone-market-lady       disc-east-north
2952-Palindrome    A palindrome to describe a one night stand of a playboy  
2953-Words in a Word                    stove swagger                                              (p)     10
2954-Discern      wheel-white-wings     burnt-agent-soda      camera-cabbage-call
2955-Anagram   North African crown jewels    
2956-Split Definitive     electronic assignment    (m)   (8)
2957-Discern    beer-opera-ass        dry-leisure-union      air-fire-panty
2958-Palindrome     A palindrome to describe a streetcar named booze 
2959-Words in a Word                           employ joyful hymn                                    (c)      8
2960-Discern      rod-truck-tough    family-out-word      blue-bone-fat
2961-Palindrome      A palindrome that means annoy Pence
2962-Split Definitive    uptick in stock market in late afternoon   ((l)   (9)    
2963-Discern    butter-navy-old     grounds-iced-pot    view-end-car
2964-Palindrome      A palindrome to describe  a traitor at a WWII S Pacific battle
2965-Words in a Word                        beat skin eruption                                         (r)      8
2966-Discern    black-dive-song   current-fast-pigeon      blue-duck-lac 
2967-Palindrome       A palindrome to describe a piece of acrobatic equip 
2968-Split Definitive       snake fury  (a)    (7)
2969-Discern     harem-under-bossy      hamper- up-wooden    money-way-corn
2970-Commonality     pater-sting-top    
2971-Words in a Word             steal feeling of pity                                        (p)    7
2972-Discern       goat-Greek-frozen      bag-pole-climbing    up-stats-cake
2973-Commonality    monster-homophone-anode 
2974-Split Definitive      imply negatively      (n)   (7)       i
2975-Discern       corset-collar-crunching    shield-off-baby     chicken-spot-high
2976- Anagram   Thinned opponent of new technology  
2977-Words in a Word          beating  expense with serve                               (a)     9
2978-Discern       off-fruit-green      heart-ear-flat       cruise-fool-turkey
2979-Anagram   harmed Greek god with a toxic substance   
2980-Split Definitive    mandatory stake stride                      (l)   (8)
2981-Discern      soap-plant-palm   clamp-cream-piercing     led-poison-white   
2982-Commonality Mecca-Miami-Macau- Moscow-Mississauga
2983-Words in a Word               head covering parent                                 (h)     7  
2984-Discern     ad-ball-custody   pocket-readers-replacement    boot-cad-French
2985-Commonality      creed-pale-stoa 
2986-Split Definitive   religious community’s building that has gained an electrical charge    (i)
2987-Discern    bread-breath-butter    basket-jack-less    humbug-meat-sandwich
2988-Commonality       plain-pries-sled 
2989-Words in a Word                       even one white cooking fat                          (a)       7
2990-Discern     blue-night-speckled   bone-red-schmaltz     be-i-sight     
2991-Commonality      abate-dick-ovate 
2992-Split Definitive   bug runaway marriage   (a)         (8)
2993-Discern      sway-hard-yard       fungus-tap-drag   blue-grass-grey
2994-Anagram   Recompense anew mimicry   
2995-Words in a Word                derisive sound in good health                                       (w)    8
2996-Discern     tin-tea-dog    bread-on-crate    boat-butterfly-cocktail
2997-Anagram  Real innocent young woman   
2998-Split Definitive     not the finale one wanted      (o)    (9)     
2999-Discern   creeper-crisp-comb      hole-hoe-hot       able-mouth-pass
3000-Words in a Word    diskos pig                    (p)    8   

Saturday, May 2, 2020


2801-Discern     boiler-long-executive     clip-rod-coo     blouse-girl-jumper
2802-Commonality      lose-price-reed     
2803-Words in a Word   sanctified bird’s home          (h)      8  
2804-Discern      screech-magazine-night    fast-current-pigeon     comeback-joke-ball
2805-Anagram   Might create a mist
2806-Split Definitive    criticize locks of hair    (d)   (10)
2807-Discern     paint-pan-per      fry-up-cake       milk-mill-soya
2808-Commonality     semen-defected-pizza 
2809-Words in a Word   marry vomit  (r)     8 
2810-Discern   eater-dear-brown     stick-sailor-seat    skinny-Spanish-vanilla   
2811-Commonality     adds-ants-char-inks-star       
2812-Split Definitive    wear musical scale   (d)  (6)    
2813-Discern   orange-ox-pure    board-brace-bum    grass-oil-horse
2814-Commonality   hears-butt-mitt
2815-Word in a Word    head covering parent   (h)     7
2816-Discern    white-fin-end     velvet-pump-close     shut-my-let
2817-Anagram     Newspaper piece solo performance   
2818-Split Definitive        maintain getting older   (a)  (9)
2819-Discern    chart-eating-meat     berry-weak-cloth   bread-chips-wrap
2820-Commonality      copied-spiel-India 
2821-Words in a Word           sick main route                                      (a)    9
2822-Discern    he-ration-led    deer-driver-train    rat-bag-flicker
2823-Anagram    Departures are
2824-Split Definitive       spot bog   (a)  (6)
2825-Discern    prong-pipe-leg   north-plant-jerk   spots-high-calf
2826-Commonality    sorry-atone-gland 
2827-Word in a Word        follow      healing                                             (t)     11
2828-Discern    knot-up-pay    army-black-leg     hamper- up-wooden
2829-Commonality     stabilization-subcranial-synecdoche-safeguarded-schmoozefest
2830-Split Definitive    beseech frost coating          (r)     (7)
2831-Discern    basin-rail-set     push-in-razor     beach-car-calf
2832-Commonality   globe-going-cling    
2833-Words in a Word   clear consuming    (e)   11   
2834-Discern   log-American-moon   pocket-wrap-bread    arctic-broil-coal
2835-Commonality   reach-reduce-rebate   
2836-Split Definitive        dancing club extremely   (d)   (9)
2837-Discern    wood-hay-robin      cad-dog-body     collar-market-bite
2838-Commonality      contrite-reffed-alms
2839-Words in a Word          deadly poison tangle                                      (b)    8
2840-Discern    catcher- fork-season     bed-bake-up     garden-mail-slipper 
2841-Anagram   Fatigue of one who disagrees  
2842-Split Definitive       fool someone sworn to deliver a verdict   (c)    (8)
2843-Discern    night-tail-brown             pocket-grey-room     gas-iron-death
2844-Anagram    Most depressed baby hooters   
2845-Words in a Word          loud persistent noise of the mouth  (d)   
2846-Discern   an-led-rate   altar-way-car   stone-wheel-san
2847-Anagram   Amusement park thug
2848-Split Definitive      symbolic representation of a prisoner  (n)   (11)
2849-Discern    fish-bell-truck      shot-mold-cake   an-butter-fruit
2850-Anagram    proficient at watching TV on internet-connected devices   
2851-Words in a Word          refuse rest                                                        (s)     7
2852-Discern    mother-heat-pea   pusillanimous-little-fat            cut-hole-computer
2853-Commonality     complied-shed-pica 
2854-Split Definitive      in favour of relevance   (b)   (10)
2855-Discern     dull-ice-cake     altar-cooler-bar    waste-wings-well
2856-Anagram   long, coarse grass found near certain harbours   
2857-Words in a Word         even one or a little curved structure    (a)     7   
2858-Discern   block-blood-raw       rose-tragically-readers    wise-wipe-ail
2859-Commonality    vacation-miner-artery 
2860- Split Definitive    in favour of needle    (t)  (8)
2861-Discern       up-hill -oust    car-candy-I     blue-rice-let
2862-Anagram     attacker of German shepherds  
2863-Words in a Word    puny coin domination   (d)    8   
2864-Discern    horseshoe-man-ding   salad-sand-snow   swig-cliff-gulp
2865-Anagram    SW US city  in a position between vertical and horizontal
2866-Split Definitive    expert at checking the internet    (s)     (7)  
2867-Discern     leaves-mental-bar    wash-bad-timer      pink-up-dry
2868-Anagram   Singer who investigates deaths    

2869-Words in a Word    French priest animal flesh         (m)    8  
2870-Discern     handed-emoter-bucking         sauce-big-say        pus-punch-pled
2871-Anagram      citizen of a particular country when not in open court   
2872-Split Definitive    in favor of protecting something    (w)   (10)  
2873-Discern    balloon-bed-bypass      gum-strapping-top-      let-on-out
2874-Anagram     for sooth rejected    
2875-Words in a Word    egg-shaped in the past   (e)   9     
2876-Discern    sanitizer-saw-first       up-red-hip          spa-splitting-spray
2877-Anagram   Eastern European petty objections  
2878-Split Definitive    basic structure friend    (f)   (8)
2879-Discern     roll-guns-pocket       jam-turf-drag       middle-beat-sing
2880-Commonality   cubic-sped-used 
2881-Words in a Word          family excrement    (d)    7
2882-Discern   on-up-egg    tomato-age-bed       bread-ale-root
2883-Commonality    aria-later-tenet    
2884-Split Definitive    alleviate; relating to you   (t)   (7)
2885-Discern    swim-able-room   elevator-tap-cover   sanitary-rust-way
2886-Commonality     bugle-adored-divided  
2887-Words in a Word     non-crystalline silica muscle twitch      (o)   7
2888-Discern      ion-check-horn      yellow-ally-ding    gases-give-lust
2889-Anagram    Blasphemy respectful of others  
2890-Split Definitive    wise social gathering  (d)   (6)
2891-Discern    chesnut-charlie-clothes    fly-owed-fish      temple-screech-magazine
2892- Commonality       ably-coned-reed
2893-Commonality            Pester ordered collection                      (n)     7      
2894-Discern   lecher-old-cheese    balm-lily-woods      polo-up-tail
2895-Anagram    Attack something with gunfire in a more speedy fashion  
2896- Split Definitive      dog goes mad  (r)    (8)
2897-Discern   balm-cut-cows    shield-scar-soap    tag-little-turf
2898-Anagram    Bay window overlooking European river
2899- Words in a Word           burn sudden increase              (c)      9
2900- Discern    sweet-mill-pot     tap-ice-closet       wood-memory-ping