Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The puzzle is called Trianagrams because the puzzler has to fill in at least three words in each sentence that are  anagrams to each other.  For example, if the clue read "In his movie Jailhouse Rock   _____       _______    the life of a ____-clad rock star,"   you would have to fill in,   "Elvis,"   "lives,"  and "Levis."   As an added clue, I will tell you that the missing words become longer as the puzzle progresses.  Good luck solving Trianagrams-Movies & Movie Stars.
1)____ didn't think it was a big ____ that she shared the ____ with Roy and

Trigger in Bells of San Angelo.

2)Producer of Fried Green Tomatoes _____ didnt realize that the tea guy

Grey was a ______          ______.

3)Neither Patricia _____ nor Nathan ____ ever starred in a movie directed by

David _____.

4)In Music Box ____ plays a lawyer defending her father who is accused of

being a Nazi sympathizer. Eventually she is able to ___ than he is no _____.

5)In the movie Misery, Kathy _____ plays the role of a ______ of a woman

who ______ a bedridden author.

6)After ____ bought her a horse, Sophia said, “What's the _____ , Carlo? We

have no place to keep the _____.”

7)In Fort Apache The Bronx, Ed ____ plays a cop that while ___ than many of

his peers, he falls into the ___ of bogus arrests in order to catch a cop killer.

8)When she accepted an award for her role in On The Waterfront, ____ got a

_____ on her _____ dress.

9)Unlike Fogg in Around the World in Eighty Days, (based on the book by

____) I have ____ had the ___ to travel in a hot air balloon.

10)Bernadette _____ and Meryl _______ met at a _______ time to avoid fans

likely to ______ them.

11)We see the softer side of _____  in the movie Panic Room in which she

costars with  _____     Whitaker.
12)Tom had a tendency to _____ his words so I thought he said “ _____ ”as in

“Betty” where in fact he said _____ as in “Hedda.”

13)Magnate W.R. _____ had broken many _____ and although he had many

admirers he also had many _____.

14)Adam ______ claimed it was _____ to say he preferred Abby Van Buren

over Ann _____.

15)In Robin Hood, Robin (Crowe) _____ Marion (Blanchett) from her

would-be ____ and thus   ______ her innocence.

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