Wednesday, January 5, 2011



This puzzle is called Trianagrams because the puzzler has to fill in the three words in each sentence or phrase that are anagrams to each other. For example, if the clue read “Now that Darryl was mired in a ____, he had to take his ____ from the fans. One hollered, “Hey Strawberry what happened? Did you lose your _____ and pears,” you would have to fill in the words “slump,” “lumps” and “plums.” As an added help to solve these sport Trianagrams, I will tell you that the missing words get longer as the puzzle progresses. Good luck!

1) The ____ sprinter in the outside ____ terminated each race with great _____.

2)The Buffalo hockey player exposed the gambling scheme of the Chicago football players. The headline read “ _____ _____ _____.”

3)In the playoffs, the Yankee didn`t ____ his position well and he ____ out to end the series but the next day he ____ for free agency.

4)On some baseball _____ players let off _____ by playing practical jokes on their _____.

5)Rickey could ______ better than anyone else on the team but was resented because his bragging ______ had become very _____.

6)The Indiana _____ were able to _______ out a victory over the L.A. Lakers notwithstanding their outrageous _______.

7)After Isaiah scored forty _____ for the first time as a _____, he bought two _____ for his kids` use at his ranch.

8)Eric would ______ around the oval like a phantom. This great ____ dared his rivals to beat him at any distance but there were no takers.

9)The Astro ballplayers had a _____ mien than the Mets, _____ , or Giants because their _______ were longer.

10)The _______ of Sports Illustrated reported that the _______ sprinter had used an illegal _______.

11)Reggie Jackson ______ to be _______ , if he was booed he would be cast into deep ______.

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