Wednesday, January 19, 2011

new word puzzle-Damn Idi Amin & answers to last week's puzzle


In this puzzle you are asked to discern famous people where I have eliminated any letter that appears three times in their surname. As to why the title of the puzzle is Damn Idi Amin!, I should explain that I do not bear any particular acrimony towards this former Ugandan dictator. Rather, it is so titled because if you remove the three Is that appear in the name Idi Amin you get “damn.” If there two letters that appear three times, both of them disappear so Anna Kournikova becomes KURIKOV; if there are three letters that appear thrice, they also are taken out. I have also provided the field the individual represents. Thje answer to the first clue (Aiisi, literature) is Anais Nin. Good luck with the balance.

                                     Area of Fame
1)Aaisi                         literature
2)Angsh                       acting
3)Arrygi                       music
4)Betyro                      flag maker
5)Bicinton                    politics
6)Boiley                        music
7)Cyreg                         politics
8)Deboahke                   acting
9)Djhs                            acting
10)Dlilm                        religion
11)Dokr                         fashion
12)Dscrk                       football
13)Dysmd                      music
14)Fddimcuy                 music
15)Franisrik                  science
16)Geme                       acting
17)Grgclny                    acting
18)Iaha                          soccer
19)Ianpalo                     science
20)Ikorea                        music
21)Ineoes                       dancing
22)Iytomin                     comedy
23)Jifrjos                        acting
24)Jjam                           crime
25)Jown                          track
26)Krinwi                       ice skating
27)Loreaswi                    acting
28)Maytaves                     music
29)Mgehche                     politics
30)Mhouhineja                politics
31)Nseldms                     photography
32)Obetbuns                    literature
33)Oeusx                          religion
34)Oohanel                      fashion
35)Pitudau                        politics
36)Pqui                             acting
37)Ptlo                              acting
38)Ptrjigs                          journalism
39)Ptrtl                             acting
40)Relouanis                    diving
41)Rncehl                         royalty
42)Rnils                             golf
43)Rrush                           politics
44)Sayfied                         acting
45)Scoruw                        literature
46)Seape                            acting
47)Steigra                          tennis
48)Uhdli                            boxing
49)Ykn                                art
50)Zamnne                        acting/music

Answers to Movie Trianagrams of Jan 13
1)Dale-deal-lead   2)Lear-real-earl   3)Neal-Lane-Lean   4)Lange-glean-angel
5)Bates-beast-beats    6)Ponti-point-pinto   7)Asner-saner-snare    8)Saint-stain-satin    9)Verne-never-nerve    10)Peters-Streep-preset-pester   11)softer-Foster-Forest    12)garble-Grable-Gabler    13)Hearst-hearts-haters   14)Sandler-slander-Landers     15)rescued-seducer-secured

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