Thursday, October 17, 2013

Facebook word puzzles 451-500

What do these expressions have in common/ 451-What do these expressions have in common? That great charmerI mourn blarney

Hated for ill

452-Discern the convergent words: a)plains-wings-saber b)market-bag-bite c)net-coast-screen

453- What do these words have in common? helipad nonosecond zucchini

454- -Discern the convergent words: page-hem-protest reporter-an-by race-ion-lab

455-What do these expressions have in common/?bacon-appalling-father

456-Discern the convergent words: -candy-pop-private gun-held-left put-quarter-room

457-What country anagrams to a vehicle

458--Discern the convergent words: fruit-nuts-juice old-girl-all beef-cheese-knife

459-name these “odd “places & people

an odd city in North America of at least 10 letters with population of minimum 500,0000

an odd radio personality kasem

an odd onetime Yankee pitcher

an odd character featured in over 20 movies (10 letters minimum)

an odd member of a 60s singing quartet mama

460--Discern the convergent words: scissors-salon-biting close-fight-iron shadow-shut—sore

461-What do these expressions have in common/? child-guild-pawned

462--Discern the convergent words: libel-life-line gay-around-bleed ail-smart-kick

463-What do these expressions have in common/? lilliputian-google-blurb

464--Discern the convergent words: loo-main-proof face-oven-delivery blood-agent-crush

465-What do these expressions have in common/?priest created-condo

466--Discern the convergent words: ash-rod-part desert-her-dirty mother-heat-mud

467-What do these words have in common? diver-landing-pierce-sales

468--Discern the convergent words: leopard -buck -head back -whip-out piercing-red-idle

469-What do these expressions have in common/?weighty-boner-stent

470--Discern the convergent words: saw-second-set door-down-draft cows-hare-id

471-What do these expressions have in common/?studio bandit-ballot

472--Discern the convergent words: or-ox-cur ides-hide-ford cart-clothes-play

473-What’s the a)only number that has the same number of letters as the number b)only number whre the letters appear in alphabetical order? c)only number in reverse alpabetical order

474--Discern the convergent words: bar-arm-eye big-pie-love butter-spring-mock

475-What do these expressions have in common/?denim-donnybrook-jeans

476--Discern the convergent words: storm-wash wave a-red-feed pug-ring-hairs

477-What do these expressions have in common/?cookie-cole slaw-yacht

478- -Discern the convergent words: fin-imp-wife club-cream-jerk field -flour-a

479-What do these expressions have in common/? fez-tulip-horde

480--Discern the convergent words: heaven-wild -wash pole-wild-skills shine-spider-wash


481-Discern a twelve letter word via this equasion: T = T

482-Discern the convergent words: -uncle-boy-bot white-big-blue dead-evade-orange

483-What do these expressions have in common/?tangerine-raincoat-animal

484--Discern the convergent words: ham-club-shop bowl-meat-tomato moon-bee-well

485- What do these expressions have in common/? comment-location-champ

486--Discern the convergent words: led-are-few keeper-seal-shrew seal-medic-hole

487-Name a beer brand that backward spells an item of clothing

488--Discern the convergent words: western-sauce-dinner Indian-meal-sweet ball-market-white

489-Aside from being school subjects what do these words have in common?history-geography-mathematics

490--Discern the convergent words: roast-pie-fat face-thrash-soda favor-paste-powder

491-Name a 7 letter word that is not a garment that is comprised of 2 garments.

492--Discern the convergent words: down-head-ball chicken-pocket-bone rubber-great-red

493-Name a word that features 2 astrological signs

494--Discern the convergent words: hedge-line-tied acid-eater-page hunt-conclude-able

495-Name a 7 letter word comprised of 2 animals that isn't an animal.

496--Discern the convergent words: butter-bar tough digger-ping bake rotten-salad-bad

497- Name a 2 word palindromic phrase that refers to a type of animal excrement

498--Discern the convergent words: butter-bone-breast dark-nuts-root field-fried-sticky

499 – Name a 2 word palindromic phrase that refers to a malevolent fruit

500- -Discern the convergent words: stain-stream-work fore-genius-pea under-wear-note

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