Monday, August 26, 2013

facebook puzzles-351-450

351-What do these words & terms have in common? : occupy-plutoed-app-y2k-wmd

352-Discern the convergent words: melon-break-soda    ice-cellar-white     

353-What do these words have in common? oral—paper-sentient

354-Discern the convergent words: dud-chicken-tea    cancer-cell-high

355-Name a nine letter word with only one vowel?

356-Discern the convergent words: joke-nap-comeback              sky-spree-meadow sea-gang-medal

357-What do these words have in common? jerky-quinoa-puma

358-Discern the convergent words : Spanish-mushroom-western    bean-cake-table salad-basket-grape

359-What do these words have in common? wound-defect-console

360-Discern the convergent words : bone-milk-stroke    dry-collar-back             singing-sore-cut

361-What do these words have in common? loot-jungle thug

362- Discern the convergent words: copy-great-can     tears-rock-skin                   boast-Indian-scare

363-What do these words have in common? useless-eroding-pampered

364- Discern the convergent words: horn-sitting -pit                  honey-harass-state story-flat-shell

365-What do these words have in common? plaza-barracuda-canyon

366- Discern the convergent words: grease-nudge-guard                pay-pedal-play beach-tree-ate

367-Name 2 words that are anagrams& antonyms

368- Discern the convergent words: amen-guard-music                      in-app-ring attack-open-felt

369-What do these words have in common? congenial-hideous-immoral

370- Discern the convergent words: boy-black-fishing                    desert-trot -out black-dive-song

371-What do these words have in common? appeasement,arpeggio,bedchamber, fortunately

372- Discern the convergent words:shoe-be-tree                              cake-tree-drop plum-bread-blood

373- Name a country that is an anagram to a world capital.

374- Discern the convergent words:dirty-fink-catcher           computer-earth-heart collar-feathers-hobby

375-What do these words have in common? compete-daring-pubic

376- Discern the convergent words: ball-dis-place                             flint-deep-red ache-endure-acid

377-Name a city whose last five letters are an anagram to its first fivee letters.

378- Discern the convergent words: loaf-head-core                      water-winter-ball maid-teeth-breast

379-Name a US city of 100,000 where both city & state comprised of 1 pointers in Scrabble.

380- Discern the convergent words: fall-fire-flood               sailor-smelling-table brown-corn-crumbs

381-What do these words have in common? adjudicant-microbeer-briefly

382- Discern the convergent words: ash-short-marble                   cane-sugar-store pool-chicken -spot

383-What do these words have in common? islander-Islam-Gentile

384- Discern the convergent words: pot-up-pork                          hind-lame-less disease-stone-donor

385-What do these words have in common? bran-bone-taco-recipe

386-got-up-bucking       orange-roasted-lame      famine-hot-salad

387-Name an American city that is an angram to verb that might apply to a doctor.

388- Discern the convergent words: kick-laid-nickel                      polish-gun-toe fondle-tie-lace

389-Name a 4 letter city in Italy that is an anagram to word that is a homophone for a family designation.

390- Discern the convergent words: ping-queen-honey                   early-brain-black up-dips-off

391-What do these words have in common? avid-flaming-roster

392- Discern the convergent words: car-sore-stiff                        hang-art-finger sausage-shed-shot

393-Name a country that is an anagram to a dance

394- Discern the convergent words: lack-spray-red                       hole-counter-crust hut-parlor-dough

395-Name a US placenames of at least 10 letters where the only vowel is an i.

396- Discern the convergent words: colony-defend-hem         bill-plains-wings cigarette-hair-dung

397-What do these words have in common? gung-ho-ketchup

398- Discern the convergent words: master-scout-by                              ate-tail-con rein-skin-red

399-What do these words have in common? cider-cabal-behemoth

400- Discern the convergent words: cheese-stray-nanny                    sly-egg-Canada lip-brain-times

401-What do these words have in common? moth-paper-prism

402- Discern the convergent words: call-food-bob        spring-yellow-fingers practitioner-only-owner

403-What do these words have in common? presto-duet-trombone

404- Discern the convergent words: smart-fat-donkey                 claw-rock-spiny flying-grey-night

405-Name a Middle East city that is an anagram to a resident of a certain MiddleEast country.

406- Discern the convergent words: safe-animal-fire                    face-thrash-soda favor-paste-powder

407- What do these words have in common? sallow-eighty-layer

408- Discern the convergent words: ale-bay-black                     raisin-ding-muffin apple-raspberry-peach

409-What do these words have in common? shibboleth-leviathan-cider

410- Discern the convergent words: led-shot-skin                         ick-crossing-lodge sea-shoe-whip

411-Aside from starting with a K what do these surnames have in common: Kovacs, Kowalski, Kuznetsov.

412- Discern the convergent words: coat-high-band               harness-soft-blade reading-stick-fat

413-Aside from starting with an S what do these surnames have in common?: Seaver-Stalin-Stabler- Streep.

414- Discern the convergent words: water-wet-woods                barrel-dance-lead hawk-level-lid

415-What do these words have in common? caucus-pone-squash

416- Discern the convergent words: stock-sword- white              first-passion-cake cake-burger-goat

417-What do these words have in common? reward-diaper-straw

418- Discern the convergent words: boat-spiny-electric              white-good-whisk dark-bar-chip

419-What do these words have in common? treat-brand-inventor

420- Discern the convergent words: paper-shark-woods      golden-bumps -grey sandwich-salad melt-

421-Name a European city of at lesat 8 letters where all letters are 1 point in Scrabble

422- Discern the convergent words: kid-tease-steak                        strap-cold-pad paper-connective-face

423-Name a word of at least 9 letters where every letter is “odd.” e.g a=1 c=3

424- Discern the convergent words: draw-drop-full                         sore-stiff-pony deep-clearing-cut

425-What do these words and phrases have in common? Gone with the wind-scapegoat- sour grapes

426- Discern the convergent words: brain-snow-soup                  farmer-oil-salted cutter-monster-jar

427-What do these words have in common? service-prison-curfew

428- Discern the convergent words: true-type-work               structure-whale-wish strain-wall-wear

429-What do these words have in common? vanilla-exuberant-hysterical

430- Discern the convergent words: water-winter-ball                 maid-teeth-breast stud-raga-bran

431-Name a country whose currency can be obtained by changing a letter in the country and scrambling the new word.

432-Discern the convergent words: beef-moose-cheese              up-chicken-peanut crab-juice-computer

433-What do these words have in common? perpetuity-proprietor-repertoire

434-Discern the convergent words: steak-doctor-black                   barrel-belly-root blue-straw-chuck

435-What do these words have in common? costumier-endears-semolina

436-Discern the convergent words: dollar-pearl-led                       ball-eaten-gypsy grey-mighty-pad

437-What do these words have in common? hominal-streamingly-grainery

438-Discern the convergent words: recognition-save-whit     butter-ring-nail-
drain- food-fart

439-What do these words have in common? pumpernickel-feisty-fizzle

440-Discern the convergent words: run-sea-star                           turtle-plunged-tail hum-shutter-super

441-What do these words have in common? ours-pain-pays-chat-fort

442-Discern the convergent words: holy-boy-girl    king-complain-salad                    tag-watch-leg

443-Name a city in Italy that is an anagram to a city in France.

444-Discern the convergent words: cotton-be-rummy   berry-wild-mother                bag-ball-head

445-What do these words have in common? slogan, tor, Tory

446-Discern the convergent words: king-gang-mountain    cocktail-roll-red          black-ranch-dog

447-What state has 2 prof sports teams whose nicknames are colors.

448-Discern the convergent words: hold-pigeon-big                        beat-low-sing space-spin-stage

449-What do these words have in common?

450-Discern the convergent words: ham-head-herring                     barrel-nut-deep dive-job-spray

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