Friday, June 8, 2012


26- What do the words caucus-skunk-squash have in common?

27-What do the word acronym, flowery, praising, simplicity have in common?

28-What do the word cares, needles, princes, timelines have in common?

29-What do the words aching,attribution,deliverance,monoselenide have in common?

30-Name another word that starts with an F and ends UCK?

31-What do Austin-Sausalito- San Antonio have in common?

32-What European city is found in the heart of this defunct European country?

33 Nam ea Russian diver, a tennis star and a former QB whose surnames are anagrams?

34-Name a country with a string of 3 consecutive letters in the alphabet?

35-What country is an angram of prison age?

36-Name 2 states that feature 2 professional sports teams whose names are colors?

37-Which entertainer’s last name is the past tense of a synonym for his first name?

38-Name a former ballplayer whose surname is an anagram to a country in eastern Europe?

39-Name an NBA star whose surname is an anagram to a large African city?

40 What celebrity's full name is an anagram to nerd amid late tv ?

41-What member of the Clinton Cabinet's surname is an anagram to a European country?

42- What former movie star;s full name is an anagram to deliberated ?

43-What singer's name is an anagram to general?

44-How do turn new door into one word?

45-What do these words have in common? appeasement,arpeggio,bedchamber, fortunately

46-What do the following places have in common? :Belarus, Iraq, Malawi,United Arab Emirates

47-What Montreall suburb is anagram for this South American resident?

48-Name Middle East city that is an anagram to this designation for an Israeli?

49 F-What country is an anagram of “lizard newts?”

50-What do the words anime-noninates have in common?

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