Saturday, May 12, 2012

Language Quizzes 1-25

1-What Olympic athlete's name is an anagram for ablutions?
2-What is the only US state that doesn't share a letter with its state capital?
3-Name a Micronesian palindromic resident?
4-Name a professional sports team whose placename & nickname are composed solely of letters worth 1 point in Scrabble?
5-Name a city in North America of at least 10 letters where every letter has an odd alphabetical position?
6-What do these words have in common? barometer-comparison-cybernetics-timberline?
7-Name a word with 5 consecutive vowels?
8-Name 2 words that are antonyms & homophones to each other?
9-Name an American city whose last 5 letters are an anagram to its first 5 letters?
10-Name these 2 anagrammed musicians?   ascertains-narcoleptic
11-Name these 2 anagrammed directors? Old West action- On set sir, scream
12-Name these 2 anagrammed actorrs?  costumier -semolina
13-Name these 2 anagrammed US VPs?    grow a penis- I need job
14-Name these 2 anagrammed Canadian PMs?   pure, truer idea-I mourn blarney
15-Name these 2 anagrammed poets?   toilets-best way
16-Name a country and a country's capital that are anagrams?
17-What do these words have in common?  tangerine-raincoat-manger
18-What do these 2 words ahve in common?   foregone-remained
19-Name 2 placenames with 3 consecutive dots?
20-Name 2 European cities that are anagrams to each other?
21-What SW US city and Midwest city are anagrams to each other?
22-What country is named for its geographical position?
23-What do these words have in common?   defeat-menopause-first
24-What do these words have in common?  Dixielander-interregnum-transmigration
25-What do these words have in common?   pram-pants-piano

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