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1601-Discern the convergent words:a)gall-infection-stones   b)guard-nudge-rice       c)aqua-artificial-iron

1602- Split Definitive Puzzle    era of weed    (a)   (6)   

1603-Name a 2 word palindromic phrase that means conductorless streetcars  

1604-Discern the convergent words:  a)top-bran-raga     b)root-soup-stick      c)talk-cup-ice

1605- Split Definitive Puzzle  can’t   (a)   (7)

1606-Name a 3 word palindromic phrase that means disgusting collector of louse eggs.

1607- Discern the convergent words: a)red-giant-bear      b)red-ten-trench       c)red-out-fire

1608- Split Definitive Puzzle  comeback in the bottom of the ninth ( 9  (  r )

1609-Name a 4 word palindromic phrase that means midday hanky-panky strains the body  

1610-Discern the convergent words:  a)french-gas-honey      b)chops-head-stew           c)dud-whole-weed

1611-Split Definitive Puzzle  hinder man    (9)    (d)  

1612-Name a 4 word palindromic phrase that means there’s none of this type of fish cooking in the birthplace of Elvis       

 1613-Discern the convergent words: a)freezer-hair-hope      b)bear-hammer-foot         c)a-ache-age

1614-Split Definitive Puzzle  jingle      (7) (v)

1615-Name a 3 word palindromic phrase that  means robbing Dobby heartlessly

1616-Discern the convergent words: a)ability-flat-size   b-false-state-less     c)pin-room-under

1617-Split Definitive Puzzle     voiceless vase    (8)   (t)

1618-Name a 7 word palindromic phrase that uncomfortable carnal relations in a Japanese car negates desire.

1619-Discern the convergent words: a)sea-gravel-coat    b)blood-chicken-can     c)bomb-hill-don

1620-Split Definitive Puzzle  cheerless whiz    (7)   (g)

1621-Name a 2 word anagrammatic phrase that means hellish hue  

1622-Discern the convergent words: a)stop-spur-game    b)away-no-by           c)part-pump-ash

1623-Split Definitive Puzzle  Where hubby might sleep when he’s in the doghouse   (b)   (6)

1624-What do these words have in common?   bandaged-bailing-spoonfeed-femoral-organism   

1625-Discern the convergent words: a)public-pop-inner    b)care-alive-flint     c)sassiness-bloody-bones

1626-Split Definitive Puzzle   bovine bend      (5) (b)  

1627-Name a 2 word anagrammatic phrase that means intrepid person involved in a joint succession   

1628-Discern the convergent words: a)stand-truck-bell    b)con-in-practiioner    c)beer-cake-fish

1629-Split Definitive Puzzle   place inhabitant   (10)  (l)

1630-Name a 2 word anagrammatic phrase that means from being miffed to apoplexy

1631-Discern the convergent words: a)green-root-tree     b)bird-grove-key    c)chicken-high-spots    

1632-Split Definitive Puzzle   rascal expired   (7)  (c )

1633-Name a 2 word anagrammatic phrase that means fixing a hole in a sock

1634-Discern the convergent words:  a)bow-coo-up     b)ate- gym-shirt      c)bishop-dress-romantic

1635-Split Definitive Puzzle  sword measurments   (12)   (m)

1636-Name a 2 word anagrammatic phrase that describes Andrew Sullivan, Anna Wintour & Ben Bradlee

1637-Discern the convergent words: a)open-off-over    b)rep-bed-motel    c)hip-like-nip

1638-Split Definitive Puzzle     Cindy Crawford or Kate Moss (8)   (p)

1639-What do these words have in common? Australia-precarious location-precocious-mutilate-Flemish-propane-striation-resolute 

1640-Discern the convergent words: a)chicken-poll-shrimp   b)bone-red-schmaltz     c)badger-bear-child

1641-Split Definitive Puzzle   favored sea bird   (6)  (i)

1642-Name a 9 letter word that incorporates 2 zodiac signs. 

1643-Discern the convergent words:  a)coal-about-less    b)a-plate-feed         c)n-naked-on

1644-Split Definitive Puzzle  Scandal in Montana town  (12)    (g)

1645-Name a  non-US capital city that is named after a US President

1646-Discern the convergent words: a)caddy-gunpowder-pot    b)relish-meal-ball           c)oil-zebra-sun

1647-Split Definitive Puzzle  possible result of over-drinking in public   (7)  (r)

1648-What do these words have in common?   hand-cap-wheels

1649-Discern the convergent words: a)legal-war-eye   b)line-queen-busy  c)black-bell-counting

1650-Split Definitive Puzzle  discourage excavating    (11)   (d)

1651-Name a 3 word palindromic phrase that means pretend to be a fabulist

1652-Discern the convergent words:  a)priest-sour-class   b)favor-house-powder     c)honor-call-dice

1653-Split Definitive Puzzle      bury deed   (11)   (9)   (a)

1654-Name a 5 word palindromic phrase that means Shorthand male typists analyse many paintings by an impressionist          

1655-Discern the convergent words: a)dead-cup-drops   b)freeze-left-pea   c)note-flat-pussy

1656-Split Definitive Puzzle  had an appointment at a doctor’s office    (13)    (m)

1657-What do these words have in common?   diagnose-ordeal-wanker

1658-Discern the convergent words: a)road-heaven-line   b)huge-tree-wooly    c)iron-crazy-play

1659-Split Definitive Puzzle  old stance    (10)  (p)   

1660-What do these words have in common?  avocado-mayhem-demise-curfew         

1661-Discern the convergent words: a)point-tip-jam    b)courts-pocket-pie   c)crew-flower-framework  

1662-Split Definitive Puzzle  commanded by flat bottom boat    (7)      (s) 

1663-Name a 2 word anagrammatic phrase that means lycra gets larger  

1664-Discern the convergent words: a)hole-her-tan    b)oaf-go-copy   c)up-digger-bar

1665-Split Definitive Puzzle   harbor antiquity   (7)   (p)
1666-Name a 2 word anagrammatic phrase that means commence bender   
1667-Discern the convergent words: a)fat-sandwich-back   b)vodka-cocktail-dry   c)mine-away-sailor

1668-Split Definitive Puzzle   blatant anger    (8)  (o)

1669-Name 2  cities &  2 countries of  10 letters or  more   where no letters repeat themselves

1670-Discern the convergent words: a)operator-drunk-card    b)beach-butter-hot   c)ski-gate-black

1671-Split Definitive Puzzle   kiss mistake  (11)  (b)

1672-Name a 2 word anagrammatic phrase that means bio  

1673-Discern the convergent words:  a)am-smart-bad   b)winter-black-eye   c)sandwich-can-melt

1674-Split Definitive Puzzle-leave in the mind  (14)  (m)

1675- What do these words have in common?  basement-stampede-needless

1676- Discern the convergent words    up-key-house    packed-up-my       brown-wedding-cinnamon

1677- Split Definitive Puzzle prisoner goes down (11)   (d)

1678- Name a 2 word anagrammatic phrase that  means fastens alpine home

1679- Discern the convergent words   dog-dolly droppings   sea-us-black         kite-kitty-jay

1680- Split Definitive Puzzle writing utensil song (8)  (c)

1681- Name a 2 word anagrammatic phrase that  means higher quality warrior  

1682- Discern the convergent words   iron-ion-ate   median-pathway-bloody   river-sore-guard

1683- Split Definitive Puzzle command from fishermen  (8)  (n)

1684-Name a 2 word anagrammatic phrase that means enmesh mother  

1685- Discern the convergent words   bling-cake-demon    bit-pea-fat     bar-box-post

1686- Split Definitive Puzzle   penny gathering (9)   ( r  )

1687-Name a 2 word anagrammatic phrase that means discussion about ecology

1688- Discern the convergent words   fuel-fools-ice    green-gun-way     jack-leg-eject

1689- Split Definitive Puzzle   meadow chant  (7)   (s)

1690 Name a beer brand of at least 10 letters where every letter is only worth 1 point in Scrabble
1691- Discern the convergent words    sun-star-mad     mud-cake-salt     glass-tamil-shrimp
1692- Split Definitive Puzzle blemish metropolis    (8)   (s)
1693-Name a 2 word anagrammatic phrase that  means most narcissistic countrymen 
1694- Discern the convergent words   circuits-dead-trust      foot-formation-front      store-story-double
1695- Split Definitive Puzzle   braking power (9) (r )
1696-Name a 2 word palindromic phrase that  means impressionist painter got older
1697-Discern the convergent words   wood-weed-soup     super-over-emirates     sea-song-dive
1698-Split Definitive Puzzle position in Forbes 500     (10)   ( r )
1699- What do these words have in common?       bailout-tweet-app
1700- Discern the convergent words   tag-thick-banana   treatment-id-cut    written-cut-out

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