Wednesday, May 25, 2011

split definitives puzzle


Some years ago I wrote two articles for National Lampoon that featured what I called “Split Definitives.” These were words that were defined by dividing the words into constituent parts and defining them by these parts. For example “Superbowl” was defined as “great hooter,” as it can be divided into “superb” and “owl.”

SPLIT DEFINITIVES ANIMAL PUZZLESee if you can match the split definitive clues on the left with the answers on the right. They all feature words connected with animals in either the clue or the answer.

1)adamant                                                                       a)bitch of a mother
2)antacid                                                                         b)barbecued chicken
3)archives                                                                       c)elk from Virginia
4)aspire                                                                           d)where Noah kept the large animals
5)boasting                                                                       e)pooch that cleans its own poop
6)Catholic                                                                       f)top cat
7)damnation                                                                   g)insect hallucinogen
8)dogma                                                                         h)paw
9)dogmatic                                                                     i)deer country
10)ganglion                                                                   j)Jewish complainer
11)heathen                                                                    k)fashionable religious denomination
12)hippocampus                                                           l)venom
13)Hippocrates                                                             m)compulsive lover of pussycats
14)important                                                                 n)constriction
15)insect                                                                       o)first insect
16)medallion                                                                p)university for fat people
17)oyster                                                                     q)pack animal
18)pussyfoot                                                               r)foreign bug
19)stagnation                                                             s)beaver country
20)vamoose                                                                t)where Noah kept the bees

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